New: Verizon FiOS Bundle Deals – Triple Play $74.99 / Double Play $59.99

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Update April 27, 2015: Verizon is currently offering one of its best ever FiOS deals: you get the Verizon FiOS Double Play (TV + Internet) for $59.99/mo. or the FiOS Triple Play bundle for $74.99/mo. with no contract, guaranteed for 2 years + free activation when you order online. You also receive 50% off premium channels 

Verizon FiOS Quantum

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When I first heard about FiOS Quantum I was a bit confused about what it was or how it was any different from Verizon FiOS or how that compared to Comcast Xfinity or what Time Warner or Brighthouse had to offer. After a bit of digging around I figured out it was Verizon’s way of separating out 

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