DIRECTV + AT&T Internet Bundles: New Online Promo Deals

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AT&T DIRECTV is offering TV + High Speed Internet, All Fees Included, for $80 per month. Plus you get a whopping $450 in rewards card, among other sweet bonuses, when you use one of the promo links below.It’s the latest limited-time promo deal for new customers signing up online for DIRECTV bundled with AT&T internet. You can save money 

NEW Verizon Fios Bundle Deals: Triple Play $69.99 / Double Play $50

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Fios Deals Updated: September 20, 2016. Triple Play is only $69.99/mo!Companies like Verizon are always testing new offers.I constantly search all of Verizon’s Fios offers and recommend their best deals here.Really. I spend my time scouring Verizon for their best Fios offers. Sad for me. Good for you.I promise you’ll get today’s best deals by using one of the promotion 

Verizon Fios Custom TV: Build your own TV plan $64.99/mo

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Verizon Fios Custom TV aims to deliver the value and control that modern consumers want over their media subscriptions, in addition to some interesting features that streaming services still lack. With companies like Netflix and Hulu providing a wide range of streaming content for relatively low prices, more and more people are electing to forego pay-TV subscriptions. 

What is Fios Quantum Internet? Speed + Price + Deals » 2016

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When I first heard about Fios Quantum Internet I was a bit confused about what it was or how it was any different from Verizon Fios or how that compared to Comcast Xfinity or what Time Warner or Brighthouse had to offer. After a bit of digging around I figured out it was Verizon’s way of separating out 

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