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AT&T DIRECTV is now offering bundled High Speed Fiber-Optic Internet with DIRECTV for $99.99 per month for 12 months. But it gets much better. During a current promotion, you get a $200 VISA Reward Card, among other bonuses, when you sign up after clicking any of the promotional links in this post.

Save money every month by bundling the essential services, TV and Internet. With huge service areas across the country, DIRECT TV with U-verse is available to many more homes than its competitors Verizon Fios.

AT&T Internet always ranks among the most reliable ISPs in America. They have competitive online-exclusive deals, and they have huge service areas all across the US. That’s why I’m recommending this AT&T DIRECTV package deal if it is available in your area.

Below I break down the best online-exclusive AT&T bundle deal as of July 21st, 2021:

Today’s Best TV + Internet Bundle Deal »
DIRECTV + AT&T Internet: $99.99/mo for 12 mo + $200 VISA Reward Card

This is the best deal around if you’re thinking about bundling DIRECTV and high speed internet. The TV package included with this special is DIRECTV Entertainment. That means you get over 160+ channels plus up to 4 HD receivers including HD DVR… And several other goodies including the $200 VISA reward card.

DIRECTV service normally starts around $65/mo for the base package. By bundling you are effectively getting High Speed AT&T Fiber Internet plus $15 back in your pocket every month.

When you sign up online, AT&T will send you a few promotional bonus gifts. First is access to the NFL Sunday Ticket 2021 season at no extra cost, second is 1 year of HBO Max for free. Next, get Free Genie HD DVR for up to 4 rooms. Last but certainly not least, you get a $200 VISA prepaid reward card. Spend it on anything you want. 

To claim all of these bonus rewards you simply need to sign a 24 month agreement, and you must be a new DIRECTV customer signing up on via the online signup page.

Setup fees are $19.95 at the time of this publication. As always, do read the terms of service for your area. Companies sometimes can charge certain service areas more than others, usually because they are testing different pricing strategies.

Bonus rewards aside, this is easily one of the most convenient ways to get both essential services – TV and Internet – bundled together on one low monthly bill.

What Makes AT&T Internet Better Than The Rest?

AT&T Internet runs through fiber optic cables that split in your neighborhood hub directly to your home through a standard coax cable.

Internet speeds are not as fast as Verizon Fios, which have now reached up to an impressive 980 mbps in some service areas. But the use of Fiber Optic communication means much better speed, quality, and reliability than DSL.

My favorite feature is probably the Genie HD DVR. It lets you store up to 1 terabyte of HD programming. There’s no more conflict when you’ve got quality DVR hardware and ample storage space.

Of course getting $200 back in the form of a VISA prepaid reward card is a nice incentive :)


Another big player in the broadband Double Play (TV + internet) space is Comcast with their XFINITY bundle. For those live in an area covered by more than one of the aforementioned providers… How does XFINITY stack up?

AT&T U-verse has the lower price. And it’s not even close. You can pay as little as $35 for AT&T Internet alone. At this time Comcast XFINITY costs $89.99 per month. AT&T also offers faster internet speeds than Comcast. While Comcast advertises speeds from 75mbps to 100mbps, AT&T has packages from 100mpbs to 1000mpbs.

The number of TV channels included is very similar. So with no substantial difference in TV service, I think the decision comes down to price and speed.

However here’s a major downside of Comcast that’s worth mentioning… They’re known for imposing bandwidth usage caps. I once had capped years ago broadband and it was not fun keeping track of my bandwidth usage. I’m online a lot so that’s an issue for me.

Personally I would be happiest with the AT&T Bundle Deal above if I weren’t already signed up for a CenturyLink deal. The internet speed is fast enough for most people, and the price is attractive. The $200 DIRECTV VISA card is a compelling bonus.

As a side note, those looking for high speed internet only, without bundled TV and phone, should check out our review of EarthLink. Their prices start around $59.95 per month at the time of publishing.

Where Is AT&T DIRECTV Currently Available?

DIRECTV + AT&T is currently offered in 21 states available to 126.6 million Americans, making it the largest broadband provider in the US by service area. Much more widely available than Verizon Fios.

If AT&T Fiber Optic internet is not available in your home, you may still be able to sign up for DSL service. AT&T Internet is the largest provider of DSL in the US. Of course Fiber lines are preferable if that’s an option where you live, but whether or not that’s the case is beyond anyone’s control.

To find out if DIRECTV with AT&T is available in your home, click the link below to visit the promo sign up page and get your VISA prepaid reward card / gift card. Once there, choose your preferred package and enter your service address.

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