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WP Engine WordPress Hosting Review

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WP Engine is serious hosting. In fact, I usually don’t recommend them to anyone who’s just blogging for fun or isn’t running some sort of business online. Dreamhost and Hostgator are actually a lot cheaper and are pretty solid choices when it comes to more “hobby” cases. Where WP Engine does shine though – is for medium to 

Meditate on That Sh*t

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This poster was made by DesignTaco and I first saw it on Recovering Yogi but it was 2.2 MB so I reposted it here in an easier-to-digest-and-download format. Meditate on that sh*t.Namaste.

All The Tools I Used to Rebuild the DMAD Website

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I spent the last 10 days redesigning and redeveloping and thought I’d share a lot of the tools that I used that were instrumental in rebuilding this site in case you find them helpful for your own web development efforts: WordPress Theme BootstrapWP I used Rachel Baker‘s as the core theme that I built 

The Best Breakfast Places in the World (well, mostly North America)

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I’m obsessed with breakfast. During my travels it was the one constant in my life and something I still look forward to every day. I love eggs benedict and pretty much anything else that’s made with eggs. Of all the places I’ve travelled to over the years, here are the breakfast places I remember the 


SpnKix Crappy Motorized Wheel Skate Shoe Things Reviewed

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Wow, what a letdown. All around. Last year I got really excited about Spnkix (which is awkward to spell – they should have called them Spin Kicks or Spin Kix or something. Though I guess it’s still better than Spnzkixzzz). Someone on Twitter posted about the Spnkix Kickstarter project and I thought “hey, this is 

Tools to Bootstrap Your Own Website

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I’ve created dozens of websites over the years and I’ve always used the tools available to me to cut down on the time it takes to build a good looking website. Most of the time there really is no good reason to reinvent the wheel or to build a site from scratch (unless you’re a 


Slide Deck 2 – Responsive jQuery Slider

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Yesterday I bought the developer version of Slide Deck 2 and spent the afternoon playing around with all the functionality. I love anything that Digital Telepathy puts out. They really put a lot of time and attention into their products and it shows. My Favorite Features of Slide Deck 2 It’s Responsive so you can make it any width and 

Free Design Elements – Arrows and Circle PSD

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I was looking for this online a few times for various design projects and couldn’t find anything that I liked so I decided to create some myself and share it with you. I used a dry erase marker on a whiteboard, took a few photos of it, then isolated the background to create a layered 

This $7 Low-Tech Fold Up Whiteboard Rocks

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Earlier this year I found out about the Noteboard from this Techcrunch article and through it was a neat idea. The guy who came up with the idea was making these things out of paper and laminate in his bedroom. It’s a really simple low-tech device and he even posted the DIY instructions online so 

The SEO Disease & My Trip Through the Land of (Internet Marketers)

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In the mid-2000’s I spent an extraordinary amount of time reading and learning about SEO. I would spend 3 hours a day poring over what everyone was writing about (and doing very little actual testing myself). Unbeknown to myself, I was succumbing to a disease I call SEO-itis. It’s mostly a linguistic disease. Kind of like LAW-itis.