Mobile World Congress Recap: Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5 and three Desires

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Mobile World Congress 2016, the biggest event in the mobile world is under way. Pretty much everyone and their dog is there. Except for Apple, they’re too hipster to go. They’ll make their own fair. With blackjack and hook.. whoops, wrong cartoon.Anyway, the big players in the mobile industry, including Samsung, HTC and LG have come to 

LG G5 Rumor Roundup

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Every year, LG makes ripples across the mobile world when it introduces its newest flagship model, the G series.The G2 was praised for its amazingly long-lasting battery, the G3 had an awesome Quad HD display, while the G4 has a camera we’ve been drooling over for the past year.Now, the South Korean tech giants have 

Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors – High-Speed Charging & More

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Samsung’s flagship smartphone is in the news today – the Galaxy S7. According to new reports the latest entry in the popular line of smartphones will launch with some nice new features. At least it all sounds good on paper. Not gonna lie, I might have to take a hard look at this phone when it drops in 

Will Apple’s iPhone 7 Ditch the 3.5mm Headphone Jack?

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I’m pretty damn happy with my Black Friday / Cyberweek purchase this year – I found a solid deal on the audio-technica ATH-M50x Headphones. They’re a nice upgrade from my last pair and they fit oh-so comfy. So it caught my attention when I saw this story – rumor has it Apple’s iPhone 7 is ditching the 

3 Devices that Will Revolutionize How We Interface in 2013: MYO, Leap, & Google Glass

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Last month when I was applying for the wildcard spot at WPP Stream (which I didn’t get. boo!), I needed to think of what trend is going to define 2013. An obvious emerging trend to me is that 2013 is likely going to be the year of gestural interfaces – ala Minority Report – break 

This $7 Low-Tech Fold Up Whiteboard Rocks

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Earlier this year I found out about the Noteboard from this Techcrunch article and through it was a neat idea. The guy who came up with the idea was making these things out of paper and laminate in his bedroom. It’s a really simple low-tech device and he even posted the DIY instructions online so 

2 Macro Lens Hacks for the iPhone (for Under $2)

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While the lens on the iPhone leaves much to be desired as far as picture quality goes, it has been getting better for every new generation of the iPhone, especially the iPhone 4s. While there are plenty of devices & attachments on the market for making your iPhone that make it into a zoom lens or specialty