Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors – High-Speed Charging & More

Galaxy S6 Edge
Samsung’s flagship smartphone is in the news today – the Galaxy S7. According to new reports the latest entry in the popular line of smartphones will launch with some nice new features. At least it all sounds good on paper.

Not gonna lie, I might have to take a hard look at this phone when it drops in mid-March. especially after some of the latest iPhone 7 rumors, which were a little off-putting to me. I’ve owned both iPhone and Galaxy, and frankly I preferred different things about each one.

My favorite new feature is the high-speed charging port. Reportedly it can charge your phone in under half an hour. Also noteworthy, the S7 will add pressure-sensitive display. That’s new for the Galaxy line but not new new… Of course it’s already featured on the iPhone 6s, and a few other phones too.

Let’s break it down. Here is a list of improvements rumored to be featued on the new Galaxy S7:

  • Pressure-sensitive display
  • High-speed charging port (USB Type-C port)
  • Fast Snapdragon 820 processor
  • Retina scanner (unconfirmed)
  • Improved camera quality (better low light photography)
  • Flush mounted camera / no bulge
  • Lower initial price than Galaxy S6
  • External memory card slot
  • Curved screen – Galaxy S7 Edge only
Put it all together, and this strikes me as a worthy addition to the Galaxy line.

But will it be enough to convince iPhone fans to make the switch? Probably not. iPhone users will shrug at the pressure sensitive display and improved camera, because they’ve already got those things. But in the Android market, S7 could be a big winner. I predict this smartphone will be a strong seller and generally well received. It should ensure at least another year of Galaxy being the powerhouse of its class.

Share your thoughts on the Galaxy S7 below. Anything goes :)

Posted 8 years ago on 14 December 2015

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