This $7 Low-Tech Fold Up Whiteboard Rocks

Fold Up Whiteboard

Earlier this year I found out about the Noteboard from this Techcrunch article and through it was a neat idea.

The guy who came up with the idea was making these things out of paper and laminate in his bedroom. It’s a really simple low-tech device and he even posted the DIY instructions online so anyone could make it themselves. I thought it was definitely worth $10 to have him assemble it.

I placed an order and got it via USPS within a week.

Noteboard the Fold Up Whiteboard

perfect for grab n go notes

Fast forward a few months and it’s become a staple of what I toss into my backpack whenever I head out to the coffee shop. In terms of usefulness it sits right between my 11″ Macbook Air, iPhone, and my Nex-5N.

I cut off 2/3 of the whiteboard with scissors and stole my fiance’s clear hair tie to make the package pocketable.

It came with a retractable dry erase marker + a piece of attached felt on the handle, which is one of the best inventions I’ve ever seen. It makes writing and erasing super convenient.

I talked to the designer and apparently he now includes a different non-retractable marker with his current orders and now includes a microfiber bag that can be used as an eraser instead.

(If you want that vintage noteboard badassness you can always order this pen and this felt strip and make it yourself – or you can just go with the current setup.)

It’s funny, the Amazon product page admits:

Reviewers say, “It looks like someone took notecards and laminated them so they fold up.” That’s pretty much exactly what happened.

Since it’s so low-tech, the edges of mine have already started to get slightly yellow, but for another $10 I’ll just replace it when it gets too bad.

For $10 this is one of the best investments I’ve made this year :)

Posted 12 years ago on 18 August 2012

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