3 Devices that Will Revolutionize How We Interface in 2013: MYO, Leap, & Google Glass

MYO futuristic interface
Last month when I was applying for the wildcard spot at WPP Stream (which I didn’t get. boo!), I needed to think of what trend is going to define 2013. An obvious emerging trend to me is that 2013 is likely going to be the year of gestural interfaces – ala Minority Report – break out to finally free us from the shackles of ye old keyboard and mouse.

Even right now using a keyboard and mouse seems … kind of archaic. If I were to place myself 10 years in the future, the keyboard and mouse are equivalent to something like how a dot matrix printer looks to me now.

Here are 3 devices that are going to push us all forward in how we interact with technology this year:

1. MYO

I saw this video last week and pre-ordered a MYO in 2 minutes flat. The control reminds me of Magento from the X-Men series and his ability to levitate metal.

2. Leap

I also pre-ordered the Leap last year when the demo came out & showed off its capabilities. Right away I could imagine how much better this interface would be for manipulating images and graphics inside of PhotoShop than the mouse / trackpad / tablet currently allow.

3. Google Glass

Slated for launch in late 2013 Google Glass is every tech blogger’s favorite piece of future-tech. It looks to make Siri-esque voice command the default way to interact with the web via its translucent screen. Commands are voice activated and a finger-touch-sensitive control is built into the device.

To me these 3 technologies are giving us a glimpse of the future of interaction design. They will absolutely revolutionize how we interact with the world around us. And I think they’re just the tip of the iceberg. The 2010’s is an exciting time to be alive.

Posted 11 years ago on 05 March 2013

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