Motherly Advice

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Talking about what goes best with stripes I imagine…

Tiny Gator Fans

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A tilt-shift photo of The Swamp in Gainesville, FL. You know… “Down where the old Gators play.”Go Gators!

Miami Skyline

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A shot of Miami’s skyline from downtown.

Hundred Dollar Bills, Ya’ll

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Saw lots of people were looking for creative common photos of “money” so I decided to put together this shot – overlapping $100 bills on top of each other (using the same source photo I took on the dining room table). Please feel free to use this on your website. ~ The Benjamins

Clear Blue Sky

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I took this photo of a beautiful clear blue sky one morning while staying at the Mondrian in South Beach. You can see part of Star Island and downtown Miami in the distance. I took it with my Sony NEX-5N with the wide-angle pancake lens while standing on the balcony.