Laser Rockstar

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I “painted” my friend with a laser pointer while having my Canon 5D set to a slow shutter speed. Light painting is fun, but it’s often hard to get the focus just right.

Rivo Balcony Sunset

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I lived here for 18 months in the late 2000’s: Rivo on Ringling in Sarasota, FL. The balcony view was amazing and I would keep the sliding doors open for months at a time in the spring.Fun times were had.

A Shoerazzi Xmas

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For Christmas Ashley got a brand new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels that looked perfect in front of our all-white holiday decorations, especially when used as a backdrop. Was going for that high-key look and I’m happy with how it turned out.

Lil Raft

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This photo reminds me of that scene in Beetlejuice where they dig up the cemetery’s fake grass with a shovel. One afternoon I spent hours trying to find a good candidate for a tilt-shift tutorial I was writing and oddly enough, this shot of a dinghy near Island Park in Sarasota, FL really worked out. A little 

Dusk in SRQ

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The sun is setting in downtown Sarasota