New: Verizon FiOS Bundle Deals – Triple Play $74.99 / Double Play $59.99

Updated May 24, 2015:  Verizon’s currently offering one of the best FiOS deals we’ve seen: get the FiOS Double Play: TV + Internet for $59.99/mo. or the FiOS Triple Play for only $74.99/mo.!  No contract required, this includes a discounted price guaranteed for 2 years PLUS free activation when you order online as a new customer. By signing up for one of the bundle deals, Verizon’s also offering 50% off premium channels  – including HBO®, Cinemax® and SHOWTIME®.

If you choose the 2-year deal instead of going month-to-month, y
ou’ll also receive a $300 VISA gift card. And, to make this deal even sweeter, Verizon just included a free DVR service for 12 months! To get the offer, click here. These offers are for a limited time only ending June 8.

Years ago my friend was lucky enough to have Verizon FiOS at his house while I had to settle for Comcast since my apartment wasn’t wired for FiOS. I used to love hanging out there since his FiOS TV quality & digital interface was amazing – plus, the internet speeds were insanely fast compared to what I had. If I could of had FiOS, I would have dropped Comcast immediately, especially with these current FiOS deals.

Since it’s based on home fiber technology, FiOS has the bandwidth to deliver speeds much faster than Comcast Xfinity and light-years ahead of DSL. Verizon’s taking market share by competing directly with cable companies (meaning better deals for you!). They’ve may have been around longer but are using older (and slower) technology. Here are the current deals for new FiOS sign-ups:

1. FiOS Triple Play – $74.99 / mo. for 25/25 Mbps + $300 Gift Card + Entertainment Pack


If you want to get SUPER fast internet, TV AND phone service, Verizon’s offering the FiOS Triple Play bundle which includes blazing fast 25 Mbps speeds (downloads and uploads!) for $74.99 per month guaranteed for 2 years. This discounted price is guaranteed with or without a contract. The incentive in choosing the contract is the $300 VISA Gift Card “signing bonus”. You also save an extra $49.99 because Verizon is waving the activation fee for all new online FiOS orders plus they just included a free DVR service for 12 months!

With this special offer, the internet speed is 25 Mbps downloads and 25 Mbps uploads, which almost no other internet provider can offer at this price. For an extra $10/per month you can upgrade to an even faster speed with FiOS Quantum which gives you symmetrical 50/50 Mbps internet speeds – that’s over 3x the previously offered speed! The $74.99 per month triple play bundle includes FiOS Custom TV (base channels plus local channels + a choice of 2 channel packs) and FiOS digital voice phone service which includes unlimited nationwide calling. Additional Channel Packs start at just $10 more per month each (example: for an extra $20, you receive Preferred HD which gives you 235+ Channels – 65 of them in HD).

This new offer also includes 50% off premium channels for two years when you sign up for a bundle package as a new customer (including HBO®, Cinemax® and SHOWTIME®). This additional offer makes this FiOS deal by far the best one I’ve seen in years.

2. FiOS Double Play – $59.99 / mo.


If you want to save money and don’t need a phone line (not many people use a home phone anyway), we suggest ordering the FiOS Double Play which is TV + internet for only $59.99 per month – this still gives you the same, lightening-speed fast 25/25 Mbps download and upload speeds. For $84.99/month you could upgrade to more channels with FiOS Preferred TV (with the same speed FiOS 25/25 Internet).  These new offers include the activation fee waiver with a new online order!

With this promo the monthly rate is not much more than what it would cost just for internet service alone, which is why most people opt for a bundle. Verizon is NOT requiring a contract on this one so I’d probably go with the no-contract option. However if you know you’ll be staying in your home for 2 years and you would rather lock in and guarantee this promotional rate for that 2 full years (you will still be saving over the regular price) then you can choose the 2-year deal.

If this is all confusing, just click here to go to the promo page, click on “build a bundle” on the top right, put in your address, and once you verify availability – on the next page go to “build your own bundle” and you will be able to see exactly what all the deals are. Here’s a screenshot of how it looks:


Here you’ll be able to customize your own bundle combination to see what channel and speed combinations will give you the features you want at the best prices possible. 

Why FiOS Rules

If you currently have Comcast or Warner Cable or anything else that’s cable-based, then you’ll love the quality and speed of FiOS. The TV & DVR interface is so much cleaner and the quality is crystal clear. Since it’s based on fiber optics being directly wired into your home, the TV signal is not as compressed like when it’s going through a cable.

Also, with all the streaming services, (such as Hulu, YouTube, Netflix) FiOS loads fast and looks great when being delivered through a fiber optic internet line (especially the Quantum package) – even if multiple people are using the internet at the same time. Another reason I love fiber optic internet is that it’s completely independent on neighbors internet usage, aka- your internet speeds will never be affected (like it currently can with cable) – so no more worrying about how many of your neighbors are using the internet during peak times. 

Comcast recently rebranded their “Triple Play ” service calling it Comcast Xfinity. Since they’re based on copper cables (and not fiber optics to the house), their problem is not their branding, but just having older cable systems instead of fiber optics right to your house. While they’ve developed new technology to squeeze out as much as they can out of what they’ve got, they can’t really match the speed of fiber optics to the house (aka FiOS) for the price.

This might be why Comcast has sometimes instituted monthly caps (which they have turned off and on for the past few years).

I remember years ago when I read that Verizon was spending billions to roll out fiber and at the time people thought it was a pretty risky move with wireless technologies advancing, but I think it was a smart move after all since even 4G or LTE can’t match the speed and reliability of what a direct fiber optic line can now give you.

Now Verizon has even rolled out its FiOS Quantum service which is even faster – you can get speeds of up to 500 Mbps! Comcast Xfinity or Time Warner are trying to keep up and they’ll have to keep developing more technology to squeeze out what they can out of the existing cable lines – the issue is they’re simply relying on older infrastructure.

FiOS Availability

Unfortunately FiOS is not yet available everywhere. Even if Verizon has rolled out the service to your city, you can’t just look at a map and be certain FiOS is available to your house. Even when some of my neighbors had it, I couldn’t get it. My mom, who lived only a few miles away, was able to get it (as could some of my other friends in the city). The only way to know if Verizon FiOS is available at your house is to check directly on their website and put in your exact address to see if it’s available, then, you’ll see the latest Triple or Double Play deals that we mentioned above.

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Posted 2 hours ago on 24 May 2015

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