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When I first heard about FiOS Quantum I was a bit confused about what it was or how it was any different from Verizon FiOS or how that compared to Comcast Xfinity or what Time Warner or Brighthouse had to offer. After a bit of digging around I figured out it was Verizon’s way of separating out and naming their fastest service tiers.

Quantum is a subset of Verizon FiOS, an all digital fiber optic to-the-home technology that carries fiber all the way to your house. This in turn enables blazing fast internet speeds that are much faster than what you can get through cable (and a crisp clear TV picture if you have FiOS TV too). On this page I have broken down everything that you might want to know about Verizon’s FiOS Quantum.

FiOS Quantum Speeds

Average Internet speed 3/1 Mbps
FiOS 50/50 50 Mbps Internet
FiOS 100/100 100 Mbps Internet
FiOS 150/150 150 Mbps Internet
FiOS 300/300 300 Mbps Internet
FiOS 500/500 500 Mbps Internet

What is FiOS Quantum?

In short - what Verizon calls "Quantum" are just the fastest tiers that are available of the entire line of Verizon FiOS services. The standard Verizon FiOS plan starts at and 25 Mbps / 25 Mbps (Megabit per second downloads / Megabit per second uploads) which is already much, much faster than the average American connection of 3 Mbps / 1 Mbps. FiOS Quantum speeds start at 50 Mbps down, 50 Mbps up (which is 2x faster than their regular FiOS plans) and go all the way up to 300 Mbps and now even 500 Mbps in some areas for downloads.

FiOS is the only service that has 100% fiber optics to your home (and not just to the neighborhood hub). This really makes a difference if you have many computers in your home accessing the internet at the same time and gives you much faster downloads and TV/movie streaming with a crystal clear picture. FiOS Quantum also gives you much faster upload speeds than just about any of its competitiors and as of January 2015 Verizon made all their speeds symmertical (I dare you to find an upload speed that fast from any of their competitors). You can upload large movie files and photos in seconds.

The caveat is that FiOS is only available in certain areas where Verizon has rolled out their fiber connections.

FiOS Quantum Prices

Quantum provides the fastest internet connection available to a lot of parts of America. Unless you live in Chattanooga or Kansas City, FiOS Quantum is most likely the fastest internet connection you have available. And of course they charge extra for that kind of bandwidth, but not by as much as you might think. Quantum prices run from $10 more per month than their normal FiOS plans - all the way up to $300+ per month to be able to get the crazy-fast top tier levels of internet service.

Here are the basic breakdowns - these are for internet only. It makes a lot more sense to bundle TV + Internet most of the time (see deals section below). Currently, the latest offer is FiOS Quantum Internet 50/50 Mbps plus your choice of HBO® or SHOWTIME® and FiOS Local TV starting at $50/month for your first year and $70/month for year 2, with no contract. If you sign the two year agreement, you're eligible for HBO AND Showtime plus FiOS Local TV.

Internet Prices with 2 Year Contract (monthly cost)

2-Year Contract PlanDescriptionper month
FiOS 50/50 InternetBest deal for the price50 Mbps download / 50 Mbps upload$34.99
FiOS 100/100 InternetBest Deal for speed 100 Mbps download / 100 Mbps upload$44.99
FiOS 150/150 InternetEven faster speed150 Mbps download / 150 Mbps upload$54.99
FiOS 300/300 InternetSuper fast300 Mbps download / 300 Mbps upload$154.99
FiOS 500/500 InternetFastest available500 Mbps download / 500 Mbps upload$254.99
Check Availability

The prices shown above are the first month's prices as seen on Verizon's website when using their online bundle package creator. See Verizon's site for official pricing and details as there's no guarantee that these prices are reflective of the most current promotions. The last time this chart was updated was December 1, 2015.

Deals on FiOS Quantum

It almost always makes more sense to get FiOS Quantum as a part of a TV + Internet bundle package or their Triple Play (TV + Internet + Phone). Verizon tends to run a lot of different deals and promotions for all tiers of their FiOS plans. Sometimes it can be difficult to sort through them all. All the different packages and combinations can make your head spin. This is why I've sorted through what they're offering and filtered out just the best deals online that are currently available.

The best offer we've found right now is the FiOS Custom TV + Internet bundle which starts at $84.99/month plus the activation fee is waived for an online order. To get this offer, visit the bundle page, check the Internet & TV boxes on the right; then you'll see the $84.99 offer.

I went through and compared a lot of packages - and here are my recommendations for deals on plans that specifically include FiOS Quantum:

FiOS Quantum Triple Play with no contract

FiOS Quantum Triple Play
FiOS Quantum Internet
Speeds up to 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps
FiOS Custom TV HD
230 channels
60+ in HD
FiOS Digital Voice
Unlimited Local, regional & long distance
$79.99/month 1st year

FiOS Quantum Double Play with no contract

FiOS Quantum Internet
Speeds up to 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps
FiOS Custom TV HD
230 channels
60+ in HD
$84.99/month year 1; $99.99/month year 2

FiOS Quantum Internet Only

FiOS Quantum Internet Only
FiOS Quantum Internet
Speeds up to 50 Mbps / 50 Mbps
$34.99/month year 1; $54.99/month year 2
(with 2yr. contract)

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