Apps To Help The Absent-Minded

If you’re anything like me, sometimes a few things get… forgotten.

My iPhone can be my lifesaver.
Apple gave us Siri, but she’s not much more than a nifty toy.
Other companies have come to our rescue thankfully.


Life’s most important numbers available at a glance – this is what the app creators call it.
This newly redesigned app has already found its way to the front page of my productivity folder.
How many important numbers do you have in your life?
Think about it for a moment before reading on because Numerous goes beyond what I expected when I downloaded this free app.

The developers saw fit to take it beyond numbers though.
The app tracks the number of days until an event.
With the help of Numerous, I can foresee anniversaries with enough time to make plans instead of winging it.
My trip to Hawaii is in 5 days, my friend’s wedding is in 29 days, and Christmas is in 35.
…Which reminds me I should probably start shopping this weekend.

It can also be used to track stocks, bills, automatic withdrawals.
It can tell you the temperature or how many likes your last Facebook post got.
There are so many numbers this app displays in a beautiful layout.
It’s fast and fun to use.


I was once told that writing my passwords on post-it notes and sticking them onto the bottom of my keyboard is probably the most common breach of securities that companies face.
Writing them down on my phone’s notepad isn’t much better.
So what solution is there for the forgetful?

1Password came to my rescue.
It securely remembers your passwords for you.
All except for one.

One password I can handle.

I can even make it a ‘complex’ one, complete with letters, numbers and symbols.
The rest get automatically relayed to apps and sites whenever they’re needed.
It remembers credit cards, IDs, PINs and anything I want to keep in memory but also secured.
1Password can be a lifesaver.

As a free to download 1Password is a no-brainer to just try out.
The pro version is $9.99 – which may seem like a high price.
It caused me to hold off on purchasing for well over a year.
I ended up catching it on a half-price sale, some 6 months after I had gotten the free version.
Now I can’t live without it and wish I had not waited so long to sign up.

They’re Quality of Life Enhancers

I remember Uncle Billy from “It’s a Wonderful Life” having a string tied on every one of his fingers to remind him of different things, like bringing money to the bank. His system didn’t work for him, because they were abstract reminders.
These 2 apps, however, help out in very specific and incredibly useful ways.

Posted 8 years ago on 20 November 2015

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2 thoughts on “Apps To Help The Absent-Minded

  1. Hi Brett,

    Hi! I’m Eva and I work for AgileBits, the makers of 1Password.

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a great endorsement of 1Password in your post! I’m so glad to hear how invaluable you find our app. :-)

    Thank you and keep being awesome!

    Eva Schweber
    Good Witch of the Pacific Northwest

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