The Best Deal for AT&T Home Internet: $40/mo + $50 Prepaid Card

All major cable providers are bundling services. AT&T is no different. Customers can enjoy VOiP, cable TV, and high speed internet. This article is about the latter, and for good reason. AT&T offers some key benefits that most other providers lack…for now.

Best Deal April 2017 » AT&T Internet 45 Mbps: $40 / mo + $50 Prepaid Card

AT&T Home Internet is only $30/mo

I noticed AT&T started running this online promo for home broadband internet back in February, and I thought it was worth sharing on this blog. I monitor broadband pricing and this is a good deal if you just want high speed internet with a low monthly bill. At this time it’s still the best pricing for AT&T internet. While cable TV and  home phone service are not included at this price point, you do get fast 45 Mbps internet. It’s worth noting that until now AT&T offered only 6 Mb with its $40/mo package.

Breaking it down, $40 is a reasonable entry price for the broadband service you’re getting here. And AT&T will sweeten the deal by sending you a bonus $50 VISA Reward Card if you sign up online (you should!). That fifty bucks is yours to spend on just about anything.

I should note that AT&T is implementing data caps right now. This plan includes 1TB per month. I’ll go into more detail about data caps in the section below.

I don’t ever remember having a monthly internet bill that was only $40. In fact my bill these days is closer to $100… But I know a few years ago I would have jumped on this promo pricing in a second. That’s why this is my favorite AT&T internet deal of the moment.

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What Are the Benefits of AT&T Internet?

AT&T is, of course, one of the largest service providers in the country. If anything, that means they have pressure to offer the most cutting-edge service available. If a different provider introduces a feature then AT&T must match them. Lucky for customers, that is precisely what AT&T is doing.

Over 30,000 AT&T Hot Spots

This feature alone makes AT&T worthwhile for people on the go. Over 30,000 hotspots is no joke -it also comes free with AT&T’s most basic package. These are nice for a few reasons.

  • AT&T’s network security – Nice for subscribers weary of using Starbucks Wifi.
  • Mobile devices – Over 30,000 hotspots are super convenient for saving data.

30,000 wireless hot spots is nice. Being completely honest, though, the market is flooded with options. Why AT&T? Perhaps the easiest reason is the AT&T Smart Wi-Fi App. This app has two strengths.

  • Auto-connecting to available hotspots – In an AT&T grid like Atlanta or Chicago? Subscribers can maintain connectivity over a 10 mile jog -or even moving car.
  • Monitoring data usage – The app can display real-time graphs of cellular and regular data usage. This makes it perfect for anyone monitoring their caps.

AT&T Internet Security Suite

AT&T also comes with its own security suite. Customers who just need *some* bandwidth be warned, however. The suite costs $5 per month for subscriptions speeds at 1.5 mbps or lower.

AT&T makes a smart decision by partnering with McAfee. Subscribers essentially gain the important benefits of McAfee’s own software.

  • Security – Subscribers can control their anti-virus, anti-spyware, and firewall settings.
  • Performance – McAfee also provides PC tune-up software like disk defragmentation and file clean-up
  • Support – The aptly named McAfee Virtual Technician enables subscribers to connect with support staff 24/7 to manually resolve issues -alternately, any unsolved issues will automatically be resolved within 24 hours.

What Are the Speed Options?

AT&T U-verse subscribers have a few different bandwidth speed options.

  • 6 mbps – not offered at this time.
  • 18 mbps – Contact AT&T for pricing and availability in your area
  • 24 mbps – Contact AT&T for pricing and availability in your area
  • 45 mbps – $40 per month with a 1 year term

Ordering online will also net new subscribers $50 in Rewards Cards, so there’s that.

Data Caps

Prospective AT&T subscribers should take note -the U-verse plan also comes with data caps. Note that the ‘Best Deal’ link above includes 1TB(!) data cap.

Using all your data? Each extra 50gb costs $10 more. Be careful – subscribing to the 46 mbps plan can particularly become expensive. Thankfully, subscribers can monitor their data usage online.


The general adoption of FTTP is making bandwidth all around faster. Building its infrastructure is also slow-going. AT&T’s U-verse has made use of it since 2006. 10 years later, though, and the fiber optic system is large enough for AT&T to truly start leveraging it.

Select areas are beginning to include 1 gbps bandwidth. Billed “Gigapower” by AT&T, the subscription service offers bandwidth speeds at up to, yes, 1 gbps. There are also options that are more affordable…but still radically faster than today’s average bandwidth. Prices vary, so make sure your area is offers it first.

AT&T Bundles

A major network, AT&T also bundles U-verse internet with other services.

  • Internet with voice – Bundling with U-verse starts at $50/mo with a 1 year term. $50 Prepaid Card.
  • Internet with DIRECTV – Bundling with U-verse starts at $80/mo with a 1 year term. $50 Prepaid Card.

The internet with voice option is quite direct -enjoy VOiP with your internet. Internet with DIRECTV? Not so much. The 1 year term with the internet remains -customers pay a guaranteed $30 for the first year. However, they must also opt into a 2 year agreement for the TV service. The plus-side? Free DVR for the first year. Chances are subscribers will also be using it a lot, as the first 3 months include free premium channels like HBO. Purchase online and new subscribers also gain a $200 Rewards Card.


AT&T offers widespread regional coverage – but not national. The network continues to expand but growth is primarily focused in the South, Midwest, California, and Nevada. In one of those states? Seriously consider U-verse, if only for the wifi hot spots. Those in the Northeast and Northwest will have to continue hoping that AT&T comes to them next.

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Posted 7 years ago on 02 April 2017

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