The Best Breakfast Places in the World (well, mostly North America)

Best breakfast in the World

I’m obsessed with breakfast. During my travels it was the one constant in my life and something I still look forward to every day.

I love eggs benedict and pretty much anything else that’s made with eggs.

Of all the places I’ve travelled to over the years, here are the breakfast places I remember the most (photos are my own Instagrams unless noted otherwise):

1. Terrace Point Cafe

Las Vegas, NV, USA

By far my favorite breakfast anywhere in the world (even though they’ve changed it a bit over the past few years) : the lobster benedict at the Terrace Point Cafe at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. Accompanied by a giant bottle of San Pelligrino and an espresso with a rock candy stirrer – there’s no topping it.

2. Driskill Hotel

Austin, TX, USA

Driskill Austin huevos rancheros

The huevos rancheros at the Driskill Hotel in Austin feature flaky fried goodness that was impossible to resist over and over again during our stays for SxSW ’11 and ’12. In a city where there’s tons of delicious food, this place ranks tops for breakfast (though if Torchy’s was considered breakfast, it would be close)

 3. Norma’s NYC

New York, NY,  USA

Norma's Breakfast NYC

One of the more expensive breakfast places I’ve ever been to (Boasting a $1,000 lobster fritata if you’re so inclined), Norma’s is located inside the Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Midtown NYC and is our favorite “last breakfast in the city”.

photo via TripAdvisor

4. Lebua State Tower

Bangkok, Thailand

Lebua Tower breakfast

I don't like breakfast buffets (or any buffets for that matter) but this is one of the best breakfasts I ever had so I have to include it. On a tip from Sean Ogle, this breakfast buffet features amazing dumplings, honey straight from a drip honeycomb, fresh juices, and an incredible variety of tasty dishes and dessert.

photo via howtospendit

5. Blu Jam Cafe

Melrose, Los Angeles, CA

Blu Jam Cafe Los Angeles Melrose

This spot is on Melrose Ave in LA and often has a waitlist. There's a lot of options on the menu and you can't go wrong with any of them. I, of course, always go with an egg dish - benedict! - but they have some kickass pancakes too.

6. Icebox Cafe

Miami Beach, FL, USA

Icebox Cafe Miami Beach

Pictured here is a crab cake benedict, but I'd recommend "The Mess" which is a scramble with bacon and potatoes (which I don't have a picture of). If you're looking for a healthy alternative the greek yogurt with honey is also amazing here.

7. L'Avenue Restaurant

Montreal, Canada

L'Avenue Montreal

L'Avenue is super hip and has a cool grungy hipster record-shop vibe, with manequins and a hipster crowd to boot. The dishes are hearty, come with fruit, and are damn tasty - the best breakfast in Montreal.

photo via Yelp

8. La Cueva del Chango

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Monkey Bar breakfast Playa del Carmen

This place has amazing breakfast, lunch, and dinner (if you can avoid the mosquitoes). The decor and atmosphere is uniquely kitchy and ostensibly "Mayan". The spicy sauces - served in little clay pots - are a bonus to these already dripping-with-saucy-goodness dishes.

photo via TripAdvisor

9. El Taj Restaurant

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

El Taj Breakfast Playa del Carmen

I ate at El Taj's cafe almost every morning for weeks on end. While some people might not even consider this the best Playa has to offer - the view and atmosphere almost certainly catapult this place into this list. Mexican + breakfast + Playa del Carmen + view = win!

Posted 12 years ago on 17 September 2012

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5 thoughts on “The Best Breakfast Places in the World (well, mostly North America)

  1. Sean says:

    oooh, just thinking about the Lebua makes me miss it even more. Great list here, wish I’d seen it before I was in NYC a few weeks back!

    Also has me wishing I’d gone out to breakfast with you more in Playa :)

  2. Daniel Fascia says:

    Is there nowhere good to have breakfast between the USA and Thailand?

    I happen to think we do breakfast rather well with a diverse range of options in Europe, not to mention all of the other countries on the way to Thailand.

    • Obviously this list is far from comprehensive as it’s based on my experiences. That said, I don’t recall having a memorable breakfast anywhere in Europe. If you have some specific suggestions I’d be happy to hear them.

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