What Is The Best Deal for Frontier FiberOptic? ($100 VISA Gift Card)

Frontier Fios Deals
Frontier Fios Deals
Where you live has a big impact on the internet services available for your residence or business.

Large urban areas typically have the highest speeds and most provider options, while rural areas often have far fewer ways to go online.

Frontier Communications flips the script. They focus on providing new high-speed internet to underserved rural areas. However, recently they’ve joined Centurylink in offering fiber optic services, too.

Frontier FiberOptic has a variety of benefits including no data caps and a price-lock guarantee, but availability is limited. Is Frontier FiberOptic the best choice for your internet, TV and home phone needs? Here’s your complete look at the prices, bundles, and features offered by Frontier FiOS in 2020.

Below I break down the best online-exclusive Frontier FiberOptic bundle deal for January 2021.

Best Frontier FiberOptic Bundle Deal » Triple Play for $70/mo + get a $100 VISA Reward Card

Why bundle? Here’s why: Combine TV, Internet, and Home Phone on one bill and you can grab this online-exclusive Frontier FiberOptic bundle deal. Save money every month and get a special bonus reward in the form of a $100 VISA Reward Card to spend on anything you want. Pricing subject to change.

Let’s break it down. Pay just $70 per month and get all three essential services. It starts with 50/50 Mbps High Speed Internet. Frontier FiberOptic Internet uses 100% Fiber Optics for better speed and reliability than any of the cable companies can offer. Compare Frontier’s FiberOptic Internet vs AT&T’s popular broadband service.

How about TV service? This bundle comes loaded with 155+ digital channels. And that’s not even counting the virtually limitless options you get from streaming…
Finally, Frontier will install a Digital Voice line with unlimited nationwide calling. Call quality is crystal clear because Digital Voice uses the same fiber optic lines as your Frontier internet + TV service – and it’s connected to your existing phone jacks, so installation is as easy as plug-and-done.

Best Frontier FiberOptic “Internet Only” Deal » 500/500 Internet for $39.99/mo

Ready to cut the cord and forge onward without cable TV at your disposal? Good news, Frontier has a fantastic “internet only” deal for you. 

Sign up for Frontier FiberOptic internet with lightning fast symmetrical 500/500 speeds for only $39.99 per month. That means equal download and upload speeds, with plenty of capability for just about any imaginable use. Whether you need FiberOptic for work, streaming, gaming, or just browsing the web, you will have faster internet speeds than just about anyone you know. Pricing subject to change.

On the downside, customers who sign up for internet only are not eligible to get the $100 VISA Reward that customers of the bundle deal above will get. So weigh your options carefully, but all in all both broadband deals are really strong. Keep in mind if you’re not sure if you need cable TV or not, you can always sign up for internet now, and upgrade later if you decide to do so. 

To see this deal, click the link above. To learn more about Frontier FiberOptic, read on…

A Brief Look at Frontier Communications

The history of Frontier Communications dates back to 1935. Originally titled Citizens Utilities, they were a power company based in Minneapolis. For decades, they were a relatively small company which provided utilities mainly throughout Minnesota.

However, in 1993, Citizens Utilities underwent rapid expansion. They acquired 190,000 lines across four states. Like many utility and telephone companies, Citizens Utilities slowly changed their business model to focus on digital TV and Frontier service.

In 2008, they changed their name to Frontier Communications Company to reflect their new focus on internet services. They’re currently the eighth-largest broadband provider and the 11th largest pay-TV provider in the U.S. They have:

  • 3,735,000 broadband internet subscribers
  • 838,000 digital TV subscribers

Frontier sells telecommunications services for residential and business customers throughout 29 states. From the beginning, they’ve focused primarily on rural areas. While they’re not America’s largest internet provider, they’re often the only choice in many smaller communities.

The Connection between Frontier and Verizon

Landline Assets

Frontier and Verizon have an extensive, involved history. In 2009, Frontier acquired Verizon’s landline assets throughout Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Most of these phone exchanges were in rural areas.

After the acquisition, 95% of Frontier’s existing customer base had access to broadband internet. Only 65% of customers in the new areas had access to broadband, although those numbers increased to over 85% in subsequent years.

Fiber Optic

In 2015, Frontier acquired $10.5 billion of additional Verizon assets throughout California, Florida, and Texas. Most of these assets related to Verizon’s fiber-optic network. Existing Verizon Fios Internet and TV customers were now Frontier customers. Plus, many existing Frontier customers suddenly had access to fiber-optic service.

Fiber Optic Internet Service Explained

Fiber optic internet service (commonly called “FiOS”) delivers the fastest speeds and most reliable connections. It uses fiber-optic lines made from thousands of tiny strands of glass. They allow data to travel at near-light speeds, far faster than it can travel through phone or cable lines.

FiberOptic has two major advantages over other types of internet:

  • Fast speeds
  • Increased bandwidth

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) services provide download and upload speeds as fast as 500 Mbps download. Additionally, upload and download speeds always match. Matching speeds are ideal for gaming, video chat, and other real-time applications.

Also, fiber-optic lines can carry far more data than copper cables. FiberOptic allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously.

Frontier FiberOptic Availability

Frontier has steadily increased their fiber optic capabilities. Today, they offer Frontier internet in 33 U.S. cities throughout California, Washington, and Oregon (and one city in Texas).

Although Frontier is known for providing broadband internet to rural areas, their FiberOptic service is only available in medium-to-large cities such as Los Angeles, Portland, and Redmond.

Frontier’s coverage areas for FiberOptic are significantly smaller than their available broadband. Check their site for availability within a specific zip code.

Almost all fiber optic internet services are only available in densely populated, urban areas. Building Fiber Optic networks is time-consuming and expensive. Internet service providers only want to build them in locations with lots of potential customers.

The gulf between those with access to high-speed internet and those without is called the Digital Divide. Lack of high-speed internet limits employment and educational opportunities, usually among those living in poor, rural communities.

Frontier FiberOptic Prices and Plans

If Frontier FiberOptic is available in your area, you’re in luck, because they offer a wide range of plans suitable for a variety of budgets.

Frontier FiberOptic Internet Service

Frontier advertises fiber optic service for $39.99 a month if you sign up for a two-year contract. It’s their cheapest option. Note this plan only offers Frontier internet service. It doesn’t include digital TV or phone.

However, you get amazing internet speeds, especially for the price. Max speeds as fast as 500 Mbps download and upload.

It’s a great service plan if you only use the internet from Frontier and have no interest in digital TV. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t watch your favorite TV shows and movies. Frontier has no data caps. Which is great because no one likes data caps. You can stream without limits.

Frontier offers a variety of bundle packages, too.

Double Play Bundle

For $39.99, you can add a digital voice line with unlimited nationwide calling. The internet service remains the same as above with 50 Mbps download / 50 Mbps upload speeds. You also still get the Amazon Prime subscription and Visa gift card.

Triple Play Bundle

The Triple Play bundle includes fiber optic internet from Frontier, a digital voice line, and over 130 cable channels. The TV package is detailed below, but you’ll get a wide range of popular channels similar to any standard cable package. The Triple-Play Bundle is $70 a month.

Plus, they currently offer new subscribers the following bonuses upon signup:

  • $100 Visa Reward Card

Double Play Bundle 500

The 500 Bundle offers the same features as the original Double Play but with one key difference. Maximum internet speeds as fast as a super-fast 500 Mbps download and upload. It’s $80 per month with a two-year commitment.

The TV Custom Essentials plan offers the same channels as the 50 Mbps Double Play package. It also includes a digital voice line. (Yes, the name is a little confusing. The Double Play 500 Frontier FiberOptic Bundles includes three items: internet, TV, and digital phone.)

Triple Play Bundle 500

At $90, the Triple Play Bundle 500 offers the fastest speeds and most entertainment options. Upload and download speeds as fast as 500 Mbps. You get a digital line, the Amazon Prime subscription and the Visa gift card.

The biggest difference between the Triple 500 and the Double 500 is the TV package. With the Triple 500, you get the FiberOptic TV Choice package.

It features about 125 channels. Although that’s less than the channels in the Double Play (135+), the channels in the Triple Play include local channels and a separate section of music channels.

What’s the Best Bundle?

Choose Frontier if it’s available in your area. Fiber optic speeds and reliability are always better than cable or DSL. Frontier FiberOptic bundles cost about the same as their broadband offerings, too. There’s usually no reason to not choose fiber optic whenever it’s available.

Next, you’ll probably want the fastest FiberOptic possible. Keep in mind that not every area has 500 Mbps download / upload speeds. It’s currently available only in select areas. However, if they’re an option where you live, those blazing fast speeds can be worth the extra cost.

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, choose the internet only option with the two-year commitment. For just $30 a month, you get a fast FiberOptic connection.

Remember, Frontier doesn’t have data caps. You can use your awesome fiber-optic connection to stream and download tons of your favorite media without having to worry about data overage charges.

Frontier TV Options

Frontier has a few different TV options:

  • Custom Essentials
  • TV Choice
  • FiOS TV
  • Dish TV

Custom Essentials / TV Choice

The two most popular packages are Custom Essentials and TV Choice. They both offer a similar range of channels, including CNN, Discovery channels, Disney Channels, ESPN, and more. You’ll also get local channels.

The Custom Essentials plan is the cheapest. It offers a wide range of channels. However, if you want the most channels possible, you’ll want the TV Choice plan. It includes Showtime, sports entertainment, and a variety of other TV channels.

Custom Essentials and TV Choice Plans are available to all Frontier broadband customers. However, if there is Frontier fiber optic internet in your area, you can also get FiOS TV service.


FiOS TV offers several advantages over traditional cable. It’s faster and more reliable. Traditional cable TV sends signals to nodes shared by all subscribers in your area. However, fiber optic lines deliver TV signals directly to your home.

While prices change based on the specific bundle and type of FiOS services you choose, FiOS TV service usually costs about the same as traditional cable packages. In some cases, FiOS TV is even cheaper per channel.


Watch TV when you want with the FiOS DVR. It allows you to pause and rewind live TV. You can also record shows by episode or season.

Frontier’s DVR system works across all TVs and devices in your household. You can pause a program in one room and resume it in another.

FiOS DVR Specs:

  • Total HD storage space of 200 hours (2TB capacity)
  • Can be used on up to 10 devices
  • Records up to 12 hours simultaneously


The OnDemand library includes over 150,000 OnDemand titles. The content available depends on your subscription plan. Subscribers access OnDemand titles for the channels in their TV package. For example, if you have HBO, you’ll have access to their library of shows and movies.

Additionally, you can order new release movies for an additional fee.

TV Everywhere App

Frontier’s TV Everywhere app lets you watch programs on most Android and iOS devices, including phones and tablets. With the app, you can:

  • Watch shows recorded on your DVR
  • Watch OnDemand programs
  • Watch some live TV (barring most local channels)


Aside from offering a variety of different TV packages, Frontier also partners with DISH TV. You can subscribe to DISH instead of Custom Essential and TV Choice.

DISH TV offers over 290 channels including local programming, sports and movie channels. It’s all available in HD. Plus, DISH TV has a content library with over 20,000 movies and TV shows.

As with Frontier’s TV options, DISH also includes a DVR and Anywhere app.

The DISH Hopper records up to 16 shows at once, which is more than the FiOS TV DVR. Additionally, the Hopper includes a Sports Bar, which lets you quickly switch between four channels to watch all the big games at once.

The Anywhere App works on iOS, Android, and, surprisingly, Kindle Fire HDX. It lets you watch far more live content than Frontier’s app. Otherwise, it’s a fairly standard viewing app. You can access DVR content and the OnDemand library.


DISH TV has roughly twice as many channels as Frontier’s TV packages. However, it’s not always the best choice. DISH TV is a satellite system. Snow, rain, and other weather can all potentially knock out your service.

Choose DISH TV if you want the most channels. It’s the best option for true TV junkies, even if you’ll get a bad signal now and again.

Choose FiOS TV is you want the clearest picture and most reliable service. Fiber-optic lines are a far superior signal deliver method than satellite.

What Equipment Will I Need?

Fiber optic requires special equipment. The specific type depends on the service you select (internet only or TV).

You don’t have to worry too much about the details. Frontier provides and installs everything you’ll need. Even better, installation is free.

Does Frontier Offer Any Current Deals?

Frontier offers two deals for anyone who purchases a new internet plan or upgrades an existing one:

  • Nest Discount
  • Online Security Discount

The Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to control the temperature in your home with your smartphone or tablet. Add a Nest system for just $99, a substantial discount from the $249 retail value.

Frontier Secure is a credit monitoring and ID theft prevention service. It alerts you to potentially fraudulent use of your identity or financial accounts. Including Frontier Secure with the purchase of new high-speed internet reduces your monthly bill by $5.

Frontier FiberOptic Pros and Cons

Is Frontier FiberOptic the best choice for your internet and TV needs? Let’s breakdown the pros and cons:



For just $30 a month, you get speeds as fast as 50 Mbps. It’s cheaper than most broadband services but with exponentially higher speeds. Frontier offers some of the most affordable fiber optic internet service in the country.

No Data Caps

Stream, game, and chat without worrying about extra charges. Frontier’s lack of data caps is a major benefit not offered by many other companies.

High-Quality Bonuses

Most internet providers offer a signup bonus or two, but Frontier’s are better than most. Twelve months of free Amazon Prime gives you access to hundreds of TV shows and movies through Amazon’s video service. Use your new, high-speed internet to stream your favorites right away (and you don’t have to worry about data usage).

Additionally, the VISA gift card works just about anywhere, so it’s no different than getting cashback with your purchase.

Easy to Customize

There are several different Frontier FiberOptic bundles offered, designed to fit most needs and budgets. You don’t have to subscribe to a plan packed with channels you’ll never watch. Instead, you can customize your TV plan.


Limited Availability

Fiber-optic systems are only available in a few cities. Unfortunately, Frontier tries to disguise that fact a bit. Finding a comprehensive list of availability on their website is no easy task. You must enter specific zip codes into their search tool to check available FiberOptic services.

Additionally, fiber optic internet is expensive and time-consuming to develop. If it’s not available in your area now, it likely won’t arrive any time soon. Expanding fiber optic networks doesn’t make financial sense for most Internet Service Providers (ISPs).


Fiber optic lines do require special equipment. A Frontier representative will likely need to install some equipment in your house. Usually, this takes an hour or two, but scheduling an appointment can be a hassle.

Poor Customer Service

Cable companies and internet providers generally aren’t known for amazing customer service. However, Frontier stands out – and not in a good way. Their phone system is difficult to navigate, and support reps have a reputation for limited know-how and problem-solving abilities.

Online chat yields better results, but it’s only available during normal business hours instead of around-the-clock. Plus, wait times are often long.

Final Thoughts

Fiber optic internet is almost always the best option. The main drawback is usually the limited availability. If you live in one of the select areas with Frontier FiberOptic, consider yourself lucky. It’s fast, reliable, and affordable.

Their customer service isn’t great, and you’ll likely have to deal with a professional installation, but overall Frontier FiberOptic is an excellent choice.

Posted 3 years ago on 03 January 2021

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