Meditate on That Sh*t

Meditate on That Sh*t

This poster was made by DesignTaco and I first saw it on Recovering Yogi but it was 2.2 MB so I reposted it here in an easier-to-digest-and-download format.

Meditate on that sh*t.


Posted 12 years ago on 13 October 2012

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3 thoughts on “Meditate on That Sh*t

  1. Alan hunter says:

    I actually met you in LA chasing Jesus. You snapped a shit of us and we became instant great friends. Your lady was crying and you kinda didn’t care, we chatted for an hour about how you wanted to explore and see new stuff. We began to talk about philosophy and whole bunch of other crap on life and decision making. me and my date instantly got into a argument a about a philosophy you brought about and when we looked up I believe you guys were kissing. I felt in that instance whatever we were all here for, mission was accomplished. Said all that to say, your a great dude, we miss you guys even tho we only knew each other for 1 hour and 30 minutes, and this site explains it all! So dope!

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