Is It Better to Rent or Buy your Router for Verizon Fios?

When you’re starting on a new contract with Verizon Fios fiber-optic high-speed internet, you might ask yourself whether it’s better to purchase a new router or to rent a router from Verizon.

This is rarely a clear choice, which is why we’ve written this article to help you think through the conundrum. To begin, we’ll talk about why you need to think about this at all.

Why Is This An Issue?

When people start with a new internet service provider, they are often doing so after moving to a new home. At this new home, they may or may not have the same router as they had at their prior residence.

If their prior residence was in a place covered by a different internet service provider, they might not have a router that is compatible with Verizon whatsoever. For these people, the prospect of renting a router may be very appealing if they plan on moving again fairly soon.

Likewise, if people plan on settling, it might be a better idea for them to purchase a router, but doing so involves spending time and taking a risk that they might buy a lemon. So, for many people, the issue of renting versus buying is an important one that might not have an obvious answer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting

Renting a router is the easy way out. Renting a router ensures that:

  • The router is compatible with Fios
  • The router is relatively new
  • Setting up the router will be easy
  • You won’t spend any time shopping around
  • You’ll get a new router provided after a few years without any effort

These advantages are balanced by the disadvantages of renting a router, which include:

  • Not having a cutting-edge router
  • Relying on your internet service provider to send a new router after a few years
  • Paying monthly may be more expensive than buying a router after a few months
  • Your router may not have all of the features that you want

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying

Buying a router is more complicated than renting a router from your internet service provider, but it might be the right choice. Buying a router:

  • Allows you to get all of the features you want
  • May be cheaper in the long run
  • Can make full use of the speed of your connection
  • Gives you control regarding when to upgrade

These advantages are formidable, especially if you are a techie, heavy internet user, or plan to stay in the same spot with the same provider for a few years. Nonetheless, there are a few disadvantages to purchasing a router:

  • More expensive up front
  • Not all routers are compatible with Fios
  • Not guaranteed to buy a good router

The Verdict

Now that you know both sides of the story, it’s time for the verdict. In our opinion, it’s better for most people to purchase a router than it is for them to rent a router when they’re getting started with Verizon Fios.

Purchasing a router is usually less expensive in the long run, and Verizon keeps a list of compatible routers which you can use to take a lot of the challenge out of making a good purchase. When you buy a router, you own it, which also means you can upgrade it on your terms.

Posted 5 years ago on 11 December 2018

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