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3 side hustles - Turo

I have never talked to someone who said, “I wish I made less money!”. Most people would love to make some extra income on the side. Better than making some money on the side, they would love to make the money on the side with little to no extra effort. That, my friends, is where this article comes in.

Unlike other “side gig” articles that want you to learn a new skill, found a company, and then grow it into a “million dollar idea”, I am here to give you a few ideas that will not make you millions, but will accomplish the extra income with little effort aspect.

So, now you might be wondering, is this to good to be true? For some of you, the answer is a “yes”. However, for others, the answer is a “no”. What do I mean by this? Essentially, if you can stand dogs, have a bicycle, or have a car, you will be good to go. If not, then keep reading because I will have a few good nuggets for you at the end of the article.

Here are the three side hustles that can have you making some extra money today:


If you have a relatively new car and don’t mind loaning it out to someone else to drive while you walk or take the public transportation, this is the side gig for you. Turo is a platform that connects people who want to rent a car to car owners. The car owner sets lists their car, sets their price, and then waits for people to book the car. Turo has even partnered with Liberty Mutual to make sure that you and your car are covered if an accident were to happen. When the car renter books with you, there is no cash exchange, just keys.

It really is a simple way to make money. One statistic showed that we use our car about 5% of the time that we actually own it. Instead of letting it sit the extra 95% of the time, rent it out and start making some money on it. Still not sold? Just go to the website and work on listing your car. Turo will tell you, based on your location and car, how much they think you can make in a week. It really will convince you when you see the number.


Any dog lovers out there? This point is for you! Similar to Turo, Rover is a marketplace that connects dog owners to dog lovers. Whether you have a dog and would not mind watching another or want a dog, but aren’t able to at this moment, Rover allows you to watch, walk, board, or sit a dog in your free time. Simply go to Rover, register, and then start to see the requests come. People will want you to walk a dog for 30 mins, board them for the night, or just stop in for a check up. Whatever dog service they ask of you, you are able to set your own price and availability.

Another great part of Rover is, if you already own a dog, they have created a feature that allows your dogs to have a “meet and greet” before you commit to anything. This minimizes the risk of your dogs fighting or just not getting along. Lastly, I have been extremely impressed with Rover’s customer service. They are fast and responsive and even allow you to text them. Can I hear an “amen” for no more long customer service automated calls?


Wanting to surf internationally, but don’t want to bring your surfboard? Traveling to Colorado to ski, but don’t want to ship your skis or rent at the lodge? Want to bike around a vacation spot, but don’t know where to rent a bike? Spinlister is less known, compared to the other points, but is still a great choice. Do you have an extra bicycle, surfboard, stand up paddle board, or snow/ski equipment around your home that you don’t use to often? This is the marketplace for you. Spinlister has created a platform that allows you to rent these out on a daily basis. While I personally have not used this one, I am currently looking into buying some of the equipment just so that I can rent it out.

In addition to the website that allows you to search for these products, they have an app that works similar to AirBnb or Rover. Another great benefit for using this service is for those who are just getting into a sport and don’t want to commit hundreds or thousands of dollars to a sport that they don’t know if they will actually enjoy.

These 3 services can actually start making you money today and with minimal effort. Yes, you can do AirBnb, but that requires cleaning the house, coordinating around guests, and making sure the guest room is all set. The above 3 allow you to quickly make an exchange and then you are good to go so you can start earning money.

So, go ahead and start making that side hustle income. With these simple platforms, you will be making an extra hundred or even thousand bucks a month that you can put towards more adventure, nice dinners, or any other passion that you are interested in learning about.

Posted 7 years ago on 02 August 2017

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