Slide Deck 2 – Responsive jQuery Slider



Easiest to use slider system out there. Responsive. You can make sliders out of lots of content sources like Instagram.


Like most other full featured plugins, it adds additional overhead & code to your site so your pages will take longer to load.


Easiest way to create great looking sliders on the fly

Yesterday I bought the developer version of Slide Deck 2 and spent the afternoon playing around with all the functionality. I love anything that Digital Telepathy puts out. They really put a lot of time and attention into their products and it shows.

My Favorite Features of Slide Deck 2

  • It’s Responsive so you can make it any width and it will adjust
  • Instagram and 500px integration
  • Beautiful design (frontend & backend)
  • Fun to play with
  • Tons of styles & options

Yesterday afternoon I create this reader page (go check it out) which would take a long time to create if I didn’t have Slide Deck. It pulls a lot of articles from a lot of different sources that I read daily. I created it as a feed reader page of sorts for myself.

While a lot of jquery sliders are beautiful and function well, it’s often a chore to setup the slider on the backend. There are themes that have some decent user interfaces for this, but by and large the process is still unintuitive, and requires quite a bit of programming knowledge, and takes a lot of time.

Slide Deck 2 lets you create a great looking slider in just minutes.

Slide Deck 2 Screenshot

You can create sliders from the following sources:

8 Different Slider Styles


Each with a ton of customization options that are really well thought out.

Overall, it’s one of the best premium plugins out there. I will even replace the slider that’s on the home page of DMAD that came with my theme to use this one instead because it’s so much easier to work with (and allows for a wider range of dynamic sources).

The Slide Deck 2 homepage even has a link to a live admin demo that you can use to test out the functionality and responsiveness of this thing. Go check it out yourself. I think you’ll be impressed.

Posted 12 years ago on 07 September 2012

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