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Update Dec 18, 2013: Check out Social Kit by Source – it makes this process a lot easier from right inside Photoshop.

I just helped a good friend of mine (re)launch a video film-making site and in the process I needed to create some custom graphics for his cover photos on various social networks.

Having to constantly Google all the pixel dimensions and sizes, I decided to make a reference for myself anyone else who wants to bookmark this page with the exact pixel widths and heights of each of the social networks’ cover photo sizes. In addidion, I though it would be cool to include free PSD’s you can download and use to help you create your own cover photos:

Download All 3 PSD’s 

Twitter Cover

Size: Recommended 1252 x 626 px / On Page 520 x 260 px

Twitter Header Background Template

Download Twitter Cover PSD

Twitter recommends uploading a size of 1252 px by 626 px but scales everything down to 520 px by 260 px. If you want to future proof your cover size I’d go ahead and upload the larger version, but for now the normal size should be sufficient.

Facebook Cover

Size: 851 x 315 px

Facebook Header Template

Download Facebook Cover PSD

Facebook cover size is 851 px by 315 px and the profile picture that overlays it is 160 px by 160 px

Google Plus Cover

March 2013 update: Google+ has changed the cover size to 2120 x 1129 pixels – you can get an updated PSD template from this blog: new Google+ cover template

Size: Required 940 x 180 px / Cropped to 890 x 180 px

Google Plus Header Cover

Download Google+ Cover PSD

Google+ requires an image that’s at least 940px wide to upload but then crops 10 pixels off the left side and 40 pixels off the right side so the header ends up displaying a width of 890px when a visitors sees it.

Click the download buttons above to grab layered PSD’s that should help you design your own versions of these covers. Each Photoshop file is layered and includes guides that you can snap to that match the pixel dimensions that are needed. I also include a few hidden layers that should help you see what your finished cover will eventually look like in multiple ways.

Download All 3 PSD’s

Please feel free to copy and repost these as long as you link back to this page.

Cover Inspiration

Here are a few quality articles that I recommend if you need some inspiration to get started:

Hope you find the articles and templates useful. And one last thing…

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19 thoughts on “Free PSD Templates » Twitter, Facebook & Google+ Header Covers

  1. Josh says:

    Thanks for these PSD’s….. This is going to make it sooo much easier to make all my social media profiles look similar :) Thanks!

    Also, I you were looking for some type of pre-designed Free twitter headers, I was using before I found your templates…..

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  3. Walter Johnson says:

    So… If twitter recommends 1252×626, why are your PSDs the current screen size.

    The PSDs would be more helpful if they were the recommended size, though these will get the job done.

    Thanks for being helpful.

    • because that’s the size it shows on the actual website right now. I think the larger dimension is just their way of future-proofing in case they change their current design & dimensions, but I often use the smaller size anyway.

  4. Guppydas says:

    Superb. Now I don’t have to whack myself every time someone asks me to create an image for their Facebook or Twitter or G+ … I was so lost most of the time. This is mega brilliant. Thank you so much for the PSD files. Life will be definitely easier now.

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