Trello – Quick Review of the Web and Mobile App

If you’re trying to get a bunch of projects ready you’re a visual person like me… life is just easier with of a good visual project management tool.

As with anything else, really, there are countless project management tools out there. But it’s Trello that’s really picking up steam lately, for its simple approach and cool features.

How Trello Works

Trello is first and foremost a web app which you access through your browser. That means it’s available on all platforms, Windows and Mac included. It is organized into a couple of boards, and on each board you can find a set of lists that can be re-organized and changed into pretty much anything.

You start off with the simplest three boards you can imagine – To Do, Doing and Done. Imagine them as a whiteboard being split into three vertical columns. Now these boards can be filled with cards that can be added to different boards, shuffled around, color-coded, pretty much changed in any way you can imagine.

But the fun part starts once you open up a card – there you can see all the customization options you have. You can add photos and pictures, bulletin boards, check lists, write descriptions, add deadlines and people. The last part is especially useful if you’re working on a project with different people.

They can then edit the card (checking things from a list, adding their own comments, moving the cards to other lists, all that fun stuff), and every time a change to a card is made, all the people included will be notified. That way you can make sure everyone is up to date with the ongoing project.

Trello does not limit you to these three boards – you can add as many as you like and name them whatever you want. That means not everything needs to be about work and different projects. Hell, you can have a board so you don’t forget to clean your apartment or fill the fridge.

The Trello Mobile App

Trello also has a mobile app. It really is essential, especially with more and more businesses adopting the BYOD (bring your own device) approach. Just like the web app, it has a simple design. It’s slick and smooth, and most importantly – syncs with the web app seamlessly.

You can do pretty much everything on the mobile app as you can on the web app. So for example, if you’re on the bus and you just remembered you had to send that very important email later today, you can just pop up your smartphone and add a card. What’s even better, you can add other people to the card, so that they send the email for you.

The cards themselves can’t be deleted straight away – they must first be archived. This is a good feature as it stops accidental card deletion, which can be quite the pain, when the cards get large, with a bunch of people participating.

If you’re looking for that perfect project management app, I suggest you give Trello a go. It’s simple, has a great visual approach that you’ll quickly pick up on and dozens of cool features. With it you will be able to keep track of multiple projects and organize as many people as you have working with you.

Its simple drag’n’drop design will make sure you don’t spend too much time organizing the lists. And with its mobile app it allows you to manage your team while on the go.

photo credits: Matthew Guay via cc.

Posted 8 years ago on 01 February 2016

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