I Fail and I Suck


I fail. And I suck.


And don’t confuse this with the type of failing and sucking – or my admitting of it – that’s meant to bounce right back into some form of virtue, the way a startup’s CEO might quip about on her blog as a price paid for achieving success.

I mean I really suck. At everything. Relationships, money, friendships, addictions, you name it. I’ve sucked at it. And I still do – deep in the vortex of it all – everyday – at the intersection of the whims of this fickle universe and my actions in it. And I will continue to suck well and proper into the last of my years with all the fervor of lame-osity that will embarrass myself and all the people I care about.

And then there’s times I’m brilliant. The times I win. But those don’t nullify or denigrate the suck. Neither does the suck nullify and denigrate the brilliant. Both happen. And neither extreme of the pendulum nullify the other, as much as we’d like it to.

I’m tired of reading blogs where everything is turdned into a lesson, a virtue, or a thinly veiled exhibition of blatant narcissism masquerading itself as enlightenment.
Suck happens. Hard.

And I do it everyday.
No life lesson here.

Posted 1 year ago on 01 February 2013

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