Tablet Plus Membership Review



A collection of some of the coolest hotels.


Inconsistent perks, booking delays, so-so rewards.


Wouldn't recommend signing up for the Plus program.

Tablet Hotels has one of the best collections of luxury and hip/modern hotels around the world. They also offer a $195 per year Tablet Plus membership.

Ashley and I have used their website many times to find the coolest hotels in whatever city we were traveling to. We’ve stayed at a number of the hotels on the site and have so far have not been disappointed.

Ashley at Be Playa, a Tablet Hotel

Since we really like the company we signed up for Tablet Plus in 2010 and used the benefit a few times, but this year I did not renew our Plus membership because I didn’t think it was really worth it.

While Founders Card gives you lots of discounts on the hotel stays themselves, Tablet Plus is more about “perks” like guaranteed late checkouts, free upgrades (based on availability), and free cocktails at check-in.

The issue is that not all hotels participate in the Plus program, and the perks are too inconsistent from one hotel to the next. Once or twice the hotel staff didn’t even know what Tablet Plus was or what we were supposed to get for our membership.

In addition when we booked our stays, there was often a time delay (so it didn’t work well for really last-minute trips). I think this has to do with the fact that they’re based in the UK.

After a year of using it I just don’t see the value in paying $200 for Tablet Plus.

I love Tablet and will continue using them to find the coolest hotels (and use them to book when they have the best price vs. & other sites). I do appreciate the quality of their site and their collection, just not enough to spend the money on their Plus rewards.

Posted 12 years ago on 10 August 2012

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2 thoughts on “Tablet Plus Membership Review

  1. Bill says:

    Funny, I’m staying at a Tablet Plus Hotel and just googled this to find out if someone else had the same experience. They had no idea I was a plus member. Didn’t seem to apply any of the credits and I’m just about to ask about late checkout….Since I didn’t realize that the amenities vary by property I would agree with you. This doesn’t make any sense for 200 bucks a year. Late checkout is the big one for me. Maybe I should have stayed at SPG/Westin since that’s why I booked with Tablet Plus.

  2. Johnny says:

    I was a member for years and it has totally gone downhill.
    Their customer service used to be amazing. Now their offices are run by young people who know nothing about travel or customer service. Their site failed to properly cancel a reservation. Despite this was their fault they did nothing. Worse was impossible to communicate.

    Plus benefits are rarely offered. Waste of money. In addition while they used to be reliable for only having great hotels not the case anymore.

    They do honor their price guarantee as often you will find prices cheaper elsewhere.

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