Tablet Plus Membership Review

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Tablet Hotels has one of the best collections of luxury and hip/modern hotels around the world. They also offer a $195 per year Tablet Plus membership. Ashley and I have used their website many times to find the coolest hotels in whatever city we were traveling to. We’ve stayed at a number of the hotels 


Founders Card Membership Review

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Last Spring after I got back from the Summit at Sea I got an invite to sign up for a Founders Card membership. Since I was doing a lot of traveling at the time, I thought it might come in handy, especially since a few of the perks seemed right up my alley. Founders Card 


Sony NEX-5N Camera Review – a DSLR Replacement?

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Several years ago I shot almost exclusively with the Canon 5D mark II and fell in love with the photos it produced, especially in low light. Over time, however, it just got too bulky to travel with. I got tired of lugging the thing around. Last year I looked around to see if I can 

Get Your Face to Appear in Google Search: Author Markup for WordPress

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Last year Google introduced something called Google Author rank in their search results. It shows the thumbnail of an author’s photo next to a search result. It’s normally for a blog post written by an author that Google can cross-verify from their Google+ profile (assuming the author has setup a Google+ profile). You’ve already probably 

How the Dwolla Button Could Revolutionize Blogging

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Earlier this month, something really big happened. And few people seemed to notice it in the sea of “yet another thing” articles clogging up the the tubes. THIS WAS HUGE: Dwolla launched the Dwolla button. And this could revolutionize blogging as we know it. I’ve been wanting something like this for a long time. I 

The 5 Most Useful iPhone Travel Apps

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There are a ton of articles already out there about “best travel apps” but a lot of those are written from the “hey, wouldn’t this be nice” perspective. Which is definitely not the same as “I tested this shit out living on the road for over 2 years and actually found what was useful” perspective. 

Backup Your Instagram Photos & Export them to Dropbox

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I always like to keep a backup of my information and photos that I post to other sites/platforms. Now that Instagram has been bought by Facebook I wanted to find a solution to export my Instagrams – just to have them backed up – I still use and love Instagram (hey, if you’re also on 

Why Doesn’t This Exist? Semi-Automatic RSS to Email Tool

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Now that I switched Ashley’s site to WP Engine, I’ve been trying to figure out a good system to replace her outdated Feedblitz RSS to Email system so that her readers can get a weekly digest emailed to them (if they have subscribed to it). The choices boil down to Aweber and Mailchimp and I’m 

iPhone Apps to Find Cool Graffiti

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When Ashley and I spent our first few nights in Montreal last summer, I remember how impressed I was with all the kickass graffiti that was up and down Rue Saint-Denis (and the rest of the city). Here are a few of my Instagrams: Earlier today I ran across 2 iPhone apps that will help 

On Not Cashing Out

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I just read Ryan Carson’s Selling Your Company Doesn’t Make You Happy and it reminded me of Phil Libin’s philosophy on running a startup. When I first read Phil’s thoughts on running a 100 year company it was a refreshing and unexpected change of pace from the usual “build a company and cash out” modi 

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